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IT security: Innovations for the information and knowledge society

Assignments of EAI on IT architecture within enterprises
: Eckert, C.; Thielmann, H.

IM : die Fachzeitschrift für Information Management 17 (2002), Nr.2, S.6-11
ISSN: 0930-5181
ISSN: 1616-1017
Fraunhofer IGD ()
IT security requirement; innovation; information society; knowledge society; EAI assignment; enterprise application integration; IT architecture; economic factor; enabling technology; Electronic Business; research group; industrial partners; cooperation; risk; pragmatic solution; security management

This paper discusses the impact of IT security in our information society. It also demonstrates that IT security has become a very import economic factor for enterprises. As IT security should be seen as an enabling technology for new application areas like e-business, the paper presents the main problems that must be solved in the near future in order to overcome existing deficiencies. To this end, a tight cooperation between research groups and industrial partners is required to produce EAI (enterprise application integration) solutions that are pragmatic but also strong enough to fulfil security requirements.