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IRIS- towards an environment that supports Internet design for all

: Velasco, C.A.; Mohamad, Y.; Gappa, H.; Nordbrock, G.; Pieper, M.; Darzentas, J.; Darzentas, J.S.; Koutsabasis, P.; Spirou, T.

ICAT, International Conference on Assistive Technology 2002 : 24-25 April 2002, Pride Park Stadium, Derby
Swindon: British Computer Society, 2002
ISBN: 1-902505-47-6
International Conference on Assistive Technology (ICAT) <2002, Derby>
Fraunhofer FIT ()
IRIS project; Internet design for all; special needs; systems design; IT industry; IST project; handicapped aids; user centered design

Over the last few years, work on recommendations, methods, and tools for `Design for All' (DfA) has increased awareness regarding the incorporation of requirements of people with special needs into systems design. However the extent and impact of this work in Internet-based services has not yet been widely seen. A large part of recommendations for Internet-based services has been developed quite recently and thus has not been widely taken up in design and development. Furthermore, most of this work has not been provided to designers and IT industry in forms that can enable them to easily include it within the design process. IST project IRIS is a recently started project, which aims to design an architecture and develop an environment, which will aid designers to design for all. IRIS argues that breadth of design-for-all recommendations, tools and methods needs to be presented to designers in a manner that can easily be integrated with the design process.