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High performance single crystal piezoelectrics: Applications and issues

: Park, S.E.E.; Hackenberger, W.


Current opinion in solid state & materials science 6 (2002), Nr.1, S.11-18
ISSN: 1359-0286
Fraunhofer IBMT ()
high performance single crystal piezoelectric; bandwidth; advanced piezoelectric transducer; advanced piezoelectric actuator application; poling; crystal performance; medical ultrasound imaging; single crystal composite; sensitivity; high energy density

Relaxor-based single crystal piezoelectrics began to live up to their promise of providing unprecedented increase of bandwidth, sensitivity and high energy density for advanced piezoelectric transducers and actuator applications. Large size crystals are now available, at reduced cost, for device fabrication and performance tests. The newly gained insights from related investigations opened new opportunities for developing novel piezoelectrics.