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Parametric interaction for CAD application in virtual reality environment

: Amicis, Raffaele de; Fiorentino, Michele; Stork, André

Associazione Nazionale Disegno di Macchine -ADM-:
International Conference on Design Tools and Methods in Industrial Engineering 2001. Proceedings : Grand Hotel Rimini, Italy, Sept. 5th-7th, 2001
Rimini, 2001
International Conference on Design Tools and Methods in Industrial Engineering <12, 2001, Rimini>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
3D Interaction; object modeling; VR-CAD

Traditional input-output interfaces, like mouse, keyboard and monitor are not suitable for an efficient interaction between user and software in CAD applications. On the other hand, interfaces used in virtual reality systems, like gloves and head-mounted display, could be much more effective because they allow to explore 3D-space in a more intuitive way.
The development of CAD systems, based on devices commonly used in Virtual Reality should offer new characteristics that completely meet the requirements of designers. Nevertheless, even if many researches have focused their work on this topic, an efficient and precise interaction is one of the most influential limits for industrial application of VR.
The objective of this research is to develop modelling techniques suitable for creating and modifying geometric 3D-objects in a virtual environment realised by means of virtual reality hardware systems. The combination of VR technology with the potential offered by a CADarchitecture, enables efficient and precise modeling with 3D-input devices without needing 2D-views like in many commercial CAD systems.