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Soft-biometrics: Soft-computing for biometric-applications

: Franke, K.; Ruiz del Solar, J.; Köppen, M.

International journal of fuzzy systems 4 (2002), Nr.2, S.665-672
ISSN: 1562-2479
Fraunhofer IPK ()
soft biometric; soft computing; biometric application; computer-based identity validation; static signature verification; robustness; recognition rate; image processing; pattern recognition; fuzzy rule; fuzzy logic

A biometric system testifies the authenticity of a specific physiological or behavioral characteristic possessed by a user. New requirements for biometric systems such as robustness, higher recognition rates, tolerance for imprecision and uncertainty, and flexibility call for the use of new computing technologies. Soft- computing is increasingly being used in the development of biometric applications. Soft-biometrics corresponds to a new emerging paradigm that consists in the use of soft-computing technologies for the development of biometric applications. The aim of this paper is to motivate discussion on the application of soft-computing approaches to specific biometric measurements. The feasibility of soft-computing as a tool-set to biometric applications should be investigated. Finally, an application example on static signature verification is presented, providing evidence of the impact of soft-computing in biometrics.