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Stress development in Ni/C-multilayers on Si-substrates with increasing period number

: Schreiber, J.; Melov, V.; Dietsch, R.


Materials Science Forum 404-407 (2002), S.797-802
ISSN: 0255-5476
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
stress development; si-substrate; period number; Ni/C X-ray optical multilayer; pulsed laser deposition; room temperature; delamination; amorphous structure; nanocrystalline structure; stress state; X-ray measurement; substrate stress; compressive stress; layer stack; reflectivity curve; Ni/C; Si

For Ni/C X-ray optical multilayers, fabricated by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) at room temperature with typical period thickness d approximately=4.0 nm, stress is evaluated with growing period number up to the layer stack delamination. The amorphous/nano-crystalline structure of the Ni/C-layers does not allow to determine the stress state in the multilayers by X-ray diffraction directly. Therefore the stress state was only analyzed in a few micrometer thick surface region of the Si-substrate using a single crystal X-ray method. The obtained results were compared with the curvature of the Si-surface obtained by X- ray measurements, too. The found dependence of the substrate stresses on the total layer thickness points at low compressive stresses in the PLD- fabricated Ni/C-multilayers below-100 MPa and applies at least up to a total layer thickness of 1200 nm (300 periods). For larger period numbers the experimental data hint at an increase of the compressive stresses in the Ni/C-multilayer. A partial delamination of the layer stack was observed at 900 periods.