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Combination of supply and disposal logistics for electrical and electronic products

: Hohaus, C.; Nikel, A.

Colloquium E-Ecological Manufacturing 2003. Proceedings
Berlin: Uni-Edition, 2003
ISBN: 3-937151-01-X
2 S.
Colloquium E-ecological Manufacturing <2003, Berlin>
Fraunhofer IML ()
Kopplung von Ver- und Entsorgung; Elektroschrott; WEEE; Entsorgungsverkehr; Versorgungsverkehr

Retailers and craftsmen, dealing with the electronics sector, have a regularly demand on supply and disposal transports. The logistic structures for the supply of craftsman and retailers with electrical and electronic goods and for the disposal of WEEE are not combined by now. This leads to an enormous amount of deadheads especially in the disposal transports but also in the supply transports. The goal of the presented project is to optimize the load efficiency of the vans and to reduce the amount of street traffic by combining the two logistic structures. That means, the capacity of the supply vans shall be used for the transportation of the WEEE.