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Handling form instable biological materials - a newly designed grabber for biological purposes

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: Reis, Christian; Puntigam, Fabian; Traube, Andreas

Association for Laboratory Automation:
LabAutomation 2009. Final program and Abstracts : Where Science, Technology and Industry Come Together. Palm Springs, California, USA, January 24-28, 2009
Palm Springs/Calif., 2009
International Conference on Laboratory Automation (LabAutomation) <2009, Palm Springs/Calif.>
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Probenhandling; Laborautomatisierung; Biotechnologie; Prozeßautomatisierung

Currently, there are many existing systems in lab automation for handling fluidic biological samples. There are also systems which are able to convey the corresponding sample carriers like Eppendorf tubes or microwell plates to the place of processing.
But only few systems are available, which are able to handle non-fluidic biological samples. Therefore, we developed an adhesive grabber with a tip, which can be heated an cooled. This is achieved by an Peltier element connected to a heat pipe, which is holding the tip. The adhesion fluid can undergo a phase change and hold/release the sample.