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Mechanical behavior of strain hardening cement-based composites under impact loading

: Mechtcherine, V.; Millon, O.; Butler, M.; Thoma, K.


Cement & concrete composites 33 (2011), Nr.1, S.1-11
ISSN: 0958-9465
Fraunhofer EMI ()

This paper describes the material behaviour of a strain hardening cement-based composite (SHCC) at high strain rates. The results of highly dynamic spall experiments using a Hopkinson bar at strain rates 140-180 s-1 are arrayed against the results of quasi-static uniaxial tensile tests at strain rates of 0.001 s-1. This comparison is based on the values of tensile strength, Young's modulus, and fracture energy of the specimens. In addition, the experimental results of SHCC are related to the characteristic values of other concrete types. Differences in material behaviour are explained by the phenomena of crack formation and fibre pullout resistance.