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Interactive Factory Planning

Interaktive Fabrikplanung
: Westkämper, E.; Sihn, W.; Briel, R. von

Debnath, N.C.; Lee, R.Y. ; International Association of Science and Technology for Development -IASTED-:
Software Engineering and Applications. Proceedings of the 3rd IASTED Conference on Software Engineering and Applications SEA '99
Anaheim: IASTED/ACTA Press, 1999
ISBN: 0-88986-273-7
International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications (SEA) <3, 1999, Scottsdale/Ariz.>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
digitale Fabrik; Integrierte Produktion; Teammethodik; Team-Based Computer Supported Planning (TCSP); digital factory; Production System Planning; integrated planning; Continuous Enterprise Development (CED); Unternehmensplanung; Fertigungssystem; Fertigungsplanung

The growing turbulence of today's global market and the resulting shorter product life cycles and demand fluctuations require continuous adaption as defined by the principles of Continuous Enterprise Development (CED). To enable for the continuous adaption of manufacturing structures, it is necessary to drastically reduce planning time. The Team-based Computer Supported Planning (TCSP) method changes the planning of factories and manufacturing systems in a way, which allows for a considerable reduction of planning time. The TCSP approach cuts down any additional effort in transferring team meeting results into data models and thus shortens the time from model creation to model evaluation.