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Frequency occupancy prediction and its application in a novel channel access method

: Keyvan, A.
: Hildebrandt, G.; Reich, W.

Offenburg, 2011, 94 S.
Offenburg, Hochschule, Master Thesis, 2011
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer ESK ()
channel occupancy; prediction; channel access method; cognitive Radio; CSMA/PCA

This thesis was written with the motivation of further maintaining the rapid growth in wireless technologies by reducing the burden from the spectrum specifically in the industrial environments. Wireless sensor networks are used extensively in industrial environments which they commonly transmit packets periodically. Using the cognitive radio paradigm, spectrum can be sensed and later the periodic pattern in a specific channel can be determined. The periodic pattern is used in order to predict the future status of the channel. As part of this task, two frequency occupancy predictors have been implemented and evaluated. Moreover, using the channel occupancy prediction, a novel channel access method has been developed and was named CSMA/PCA. Compared to the conventional CSMA/CA, packet error rate has been found to be significantly lower and throughput has found to be much higher using CSMA/PCA.