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Analysis and control of striation structures at the cutting edge of abrasive waterjet cutting

: Henning, A.; Goce, R.; Westkämper, E.

Lake, P. ; BHR Group, Cranfield/Bedford:
16th International Conference on Water Jetting 2002 : Papers presented at, Aix-en-Provence, France, 16-18 October 2002
Cranfield: BHRA, 2002
ISBN: 1-85598-042-8
International Conference on Water Jetting <16, 2002, Aix-en-Provence>
Fraunhofer IPA ()

Abrasive waterjet cutting has become a most recent tool for innovative machining operations. With it being a more and more common tool high requirements regarding quality and performances are set. Optimization of the cutting process was so far mostly limited to either performance or quality. New approaches in this paper introduce possibilities to actively enhance surface quality at same cutting performance. With modulation of the process both striation depth and the extend of the jet lag could be reduced significantly. Also new approaches to detailed analysis of the cutting edge surface using wavelet analysis and to better understanding of the mechanisms within the cutting process are developed when simulating the process of step propagation. With this new approach to understanding and optimization of the cutting process could be introduced, making the technology more competitive in new and innovative applications.