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Recovery of volatile essential oils from citron (citrus junos) peel with supercritical carbon dioxide

: Lee, S.J.; Chun, B.S.; Wilkinson, G.T.; Weber, A.

Besnard, M. ; International Society for the Advancement of Supercritical Fluids:
8th Meeting on Supercritical Fluids: Chemical reactivity and material processing in supercritical fluids 2002. Proceedings. Tome2: Properties, processes, extraction : April, 14 - 17, 2002, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie et de Physique de Bordeaux, University Bordeaux 1
Bordeau, 2002
ISBN: 2-905267-34-8
Meeting on Supercritical Fluids <8, 2002, Bordeaux>
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
ätherisches Öl; essential oil; Zitronenschale; citron peel; überkritisches Fluid; supercritical fluid (SCF); Extraktion; extraction; Kohlendioxid; carbon dioxide

The volatile essential oils of freeze-dried citron peel were extracted using supercritical carbon dioxide, with and without ethanol entrainer, in a semi-flow type system and analyzed by gas chromatography. The results, compared with extracts obtained by SDE (simultaneous steam distillation and extraction), and conventional solvent extraction using ethanol and ether, showed SCO2 to be a superior solvent. The major compound, limonene, was recovered by the SFE process at varying conditions of temperature, 303.15 K to 18.15 K and pressure, 6.9 MPa to 17.2 MPa. The maximum recovery of volatile essential oil by SFE was achieved at 13.8 MPa and 313.15 K.