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Crystallization in compressed gases - yet another spray-process?

: Weber, A.; Weiß, C.; Kümmel, R.

Walzel, P.:
Conference Spray Drying '01 and Related Processes. Proceedings : 08th to 10th October 2001, Universität Dortmund
Aachen: Shaker, 2002 (Schriftenreihe mechanische Verfahrenstechnik 2)
ISBN: 3-8265-9922-5
Conference Spray Drying and Related Processes <2001, Dortmund>
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
überkritische Fluide; antisolvent; Kristallisation; Gleichgewicht(thermodynamisch); Feinpulver; supercritical fluid (SCF); crystallization; thermodynamic equilibria; fine particulate powder

Processes which employ supercritical fluids as working media promise many sophisticated attributes regarding both environmentally benign processing as well as achieving so far unknown product properties. One application which is related to spray drying is the precipitation in compressed antisolvents. This process is capable of producing fine particulate powders from dissolved solids and offers enhanced process control in comparison to conventional crystallization or drying processes. Variation of the parameters pressure and temperature shows considerable influence on the thermodynamic equilibria in multicomponent systems. When these effects are applied to crystallization, the properties of the precipitate can be influenced over a wide range.