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Fiber transmission systems with semiconductor optical amplifiers without in-line filtering

: Shipulin, A.; Onishchukov, G.; Michaelis, D.; Riedel, P.; Peschel, U.; Lederer, F.


Optics communications 209 (2002), Nr.4-6, S.309-319
ISSN: 0030-4018
Fraunhofer IOF ()
optical signal transmission; semiconductor optical amplifier; solution; saturable absorber; optical fiber

10 Gbit/s RZ signal transmission at 1.3 m in a fiber transmission system with in-line semiconductor optical amplifiers is investigated using a recirculating fiber loop setup. We found that under certain conditions the system operates without in-line filtering and with strongly saturated amplifiers, provided the signal is extracted from the amplified spontaneous emission by means of a narrow optical filter in front of the receiver. These results are compared with a transmission scheme with in-line filtering.