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Identification of writers by means of image analysis of music scores

: Luth, N.; Waczkat, A.

Rostock, 2002, S.12
Reportnr.: 02i012-FIGDR
Fraunhofer IGD ()
music score; image analysis; object recognition

In this paper we describe a part of our future project aiming to efficient identification of music score writers based on the automated image analysis approach. The idea to automate the process of identification of writers by analysing of music notation graphic features was developed at the Institute for Musicology at the University of Rostock. First tests of an analogue approach were applied on chosen music notations. These tests indicate that the recognition problem can be sufficiently solved only by computer-aided assistance. In our article we describe an approach for the automated image analysis and understanding as applied to digitised music scores. This approach is aimed to solve the automated identification of writers as a result of digital music notation matching.