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Sub-micron coatings with low friction and wear for micro actuators

: Bandorf, R.; Lüthje, H.; Schiffmann, K.; Staedler, T.; Wortmann, A.


Microsystem Technologies 8 (2002), Nr.1, S.51-54
ISSN: 0946-7076
Fraunhofer IST ()

This paper deals with the fabrication and characterisation of friction and wear reduced nano-films for micro actuator applications. For this investigation films of diamond-like-carbon (DLC), metal doped Me-DLC, carbon-nitride CNx, boron-nitride BN and alumina Al2O3 films have been applied in the thickness range of 20-500 nm. The hardness of those coatings varied between 10 and 60 GPa. Micromechanical and microtribological properties of nano-coatings have been characterized by a modified scanning probe microscope. Besides this a novel micro tester for abrasive wear measurement of nano coatings was used. Friction of micro-contact areas was measured by use of a pin-on-disc tester. It turned out, that friction was - besides other parameters - dependent on determination method and load. Friction determined at areal DLC/DLC contact zones was generally much higher (µDLC 0.1) than diamond tip versus DLC (\simµDLC 0.06).