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Atmospheric aerosol chemistry of semivolatile organic compounds

: Palm, W.-U.

German-Italian Workshop on Tropospheric Chemistry 1998 : Proceedings of the third workshop
Bergamo, 1998
German-Italian Workshop on Troposheric Chemistry <3, 1998, Bergamo>
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
aerosol; chemistry; organic compound

Semivolatile organic compounds adsorbed on aerosols have attracted considerable attention due to their potential long range transport to areas never exposed to the corresponding substances. Hence, not surprisingly the group of xenobiotic compounds of the so-called persistent organic pollutants (POPs) contains several semivolatile pesticides.
Unfortunately, our general knowledge about the properties of aerosols and the compounds in the aerosol-borne state to quantify the degradation reactions on aerosols is scarce and only a very few investigations are known.