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VOC emissions test method

Calculating VOC emissions
: Keller, Markus

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Cleanroom technology 19 (2011), Nr.2, S.19-23
ISSN: 1365-5531
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Fraunhofer IPA ()
VOC Emission; Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC); test method; Ausgasung; ISO 14644; VDI 2083-17; Cleanroom suitable materials (CSM); Reinraum; Emission

Total volatile organic compounds in cleanroom environments play an increasingly important role in industrial applications. Markus Keller, Fraunhofer IPA, Germany, explains how they are measured.The outgassing behaviour of materials used in cleanroom environments has gained importance in various industries, particularly in semiconductor, photovoltaic and aerospace cleanroom settings, where a maximum level of volatile organic contamination (VOC), according to ISO 14644-8, is often defined in the planning phase. A standardised method for the determination and classification of cleanroom suitable materials regarding their VOC outgassing properties will be published in the new guideline VDI 2083-17-draft.
In conclusion, the use of a suitable test chamber method and corresponding analytics enable the specific emission rate of VOCs to be determined from a material sample.
The procedure presented in this article is implemented by the Fraunhofer IPA industrial alliance for cleanroom suitable materials (CSM), the VDI guideline 2083-17-draft and was put forward recently as a new work item proposal at the ISO Technical committee TC 209, in Tokyo, Japan.