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Fibre optical radiation sensing system for TESLA

: Henschel, H.; Körfer, M.; Wulf, F.

European Synchrotron Radiation Facility -ESRF-, Grenoble:
DIPAC 2001. Proceedings : 5th European Workshop on Diagnostics and Beam Instrumentation. Sunday 13th to Tuesday 15th May, 2001 ESRF, Grenoble, France
Grenoble, 2001
3 S.
European Workshop on Diagnostics and Beam Instrumentation (DIPAC) <5, 2001, Grenoble>
Fraunhofer INT ()
ionizing radiation; radiation effect; OTDR; Optical Time Domain Reflectometer; optical fibre dosimeter

High energy accelerators generate ionising radiation along the beam-line and at target places. This radiation is related to beam losses or dark currents. The in-situ measurement of this ionising dose that is distributed over long distances or large areas requires a new monitor system. This paper presents first results and the concept of such a monitor system at the Tesla Test Facility.