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Cross-authority retrieval respectively routing of requests / messages within a process-controlled GeoGovernment-approach using the example of Klarschiff.HRO

: Kröller, Marcus
: Flach, Guntram; Audersch, Stefan

Rostock, 2011, 83 S.
Rostock, Univ., Bachelor Thesis, 2011
Bachelor Thesis
Fraunhofer IGD ()
distributed application; distributed multimedia systems; eGovernment; semantics; geographic information systems (GIS)

Achieving a high degree of user satisfaction is one main concern when developing eGovernment applications. Only satisfied users will accept the solution as an enrichment of their daily routine and as a valuable alternative to the physical administrative office. The users' attitudes towards an information system can not only be improved by enhancing front-office interfaces or functionalities. Realizing a solution which solves the citizens' problems more quickly and efficiently will have a profound effect as well.
The goal of this thesis is to improve eGovernment systems and especially their reaction times by decreasing the time it takes for a citizen's inquiry to reach a responsible official. This will be achieved by developing methods for routing messages according to the user supplied information and additional data for example from geographical information systems or semantically enhanced directory services. The prototype for such a routing or responsibility finding solution will incorporate GIS technologies like WFS and classification algorithms from the field of machine learning and data mining. It is developed in the context of a GeoGovernment application enabling citizens to participate in the improvement of their urban environment - Klarschiff.HRO.