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A new accelerated test for the evaluation of the protective properties of coatings

Nowa przyspieszona metoda oceny ochronnych wlasciwosci powlok
: Wanner, Matthias; Schauer, Thadeus

Ochrona przed korozja 53 (2010), Nr.9, S.427-429
ISSN: 0473-7733
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Impedanzspektroskopie; innere Spannung; Raster-Kelvin-Sonde; Elektrochemie; Schutzschicht

Weathering of coatings by natural conditions at climatically different locations provides reliable data on the protective properties of coatings, it is however very time and cost consuming and non-practical for a quick evaluation of coatings. A number of diverse short time tests are therefore in usage by the development and optimization of new protective coatings. The most important requirements on such tests are the appropriate loading conditions, a sensitive quantitative detection of the coating deterioration, a short test duration as well as a good correlation with a natural weathering and a long term performance of coatings. By the development of a new short time test, we tried to fulfil these requirements as good as possible. For the accelerated aging of coatings we used the concept of the forced internal stress, induced by a thermal cycling, combined with an electrolytic, chemical or UV loading. By this kind of aging/loading both the natural weathering conditions and the standard laboratory tests can be simulated and performed at a shorter time. For the detection of the protection loss the impedance spectroscopy and the scanning Kelvin probe were chosen. Specific parameters from this kind of detection provide quantitative criteria for the quantitative evaluation of the protective properties of coatings in the early stages of their testing.


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