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Brief review: Low temperature routes to oxide and non-oxide glasses

Fundamentals and applications
: Reschke, S.

Slovak Glass Society; Trencin Univ.:
First Slovak Glass Conference 2000. Proceedings
Martin, Slovakia: Neografia, 2000
ISBN: 80-968392-1-7
Slovak Glass Conference <1, 2000, Trencin, Slovakia>
Fraunhofer INT ()
low temperature processing; precursor methods; oxide glasses; sol-gel processing; non-oxide glasses; polymer pyrolysis; surface coatings; Lotos-effect; moth-eye structure; gas phase deposition; tribological properties; self lubrication; bulk materials; ultrapure glasses; aerogels; dental fillings; ORMOCER; SICON; application

During the last three decades a variety of alternative commercial routes emerged leading to materials with similar or superior properties as conventionally melt-processed glasses. This contribution provides a brief review on chemical routes to obtain amorphous non-metallic materials without involving a melting-undercooling process. Through chemical processing a very broad and tunable range of physical, chemical, optical, mechanical or electrical properties can be aquired.