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Information hiding in music scores

: Hongning, Y.
: Schmucker, M.; Meuth, H.

Darmstadt, 2002, S.187
Darmstadt, FH, Dipl.-Arb., 2002
Fraunhofer IGD ()
morphological operations; music score; watermarking; symbol oriented

The digital representation of signals has many advantages compared to the analog representation, like lossless copying, fast and easy distribution over the Internet and not to forget the advantages of digital archives. Unfortunately, the digital representation also results in serious problems including wide spread copyright violation, illegal copying and distribution, problematic authentication, and easy forging. This is well-known for images, video and audio. Also, music scores are more and more distributed in digital representations. Therefore, the previous problems have to be faced.
This diploma thesis analyzed the possibilities of using the clefs of music scores for hiding information in them. Clefs exist in every staff line. For hiding information the shape of the clef is modified. This is done by using adapted image operations like thinning and dilatation. One import requirement for watermarking techniques is the blind detection. This means that the retrieval of the embedded information must be possible without accessing the original (unwatermarked) data. An approach was investigated, which is a blind watermarking technique. Aspects during the development were robustness, visibility and capacity. After implementation the approach was evaluated according to the previous criteria.