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A historical review of promotion strategies for electricity from renewable energy sources in EU countries

: Haas, R.; Panzer, C.; Resch, G.; Ragwitz, M.; Reece, G.; Held, A.


Renewable & sustainable energy reviews 15 (2011), Nr.2, S.1003-1034
ISSN: 1364-0321
Fraunhofer ISI ()
renewable electricity; historic deployment; promotion schemes; effectiveness; efficiency

The core objective of this paper is to elaborate on historically implemented promotion strategies of renewable energy sources and the associated deployment within the European electricity market. Hence, at a first glance, the historic development of renewable energy sources in the electricity (RES-E) sector is addressed on Member State and on sectoral level as well as consequently discussed according to available RES-E potentials and costs.
The specific focus of this paper, are promotion strategies for RES-E options as they are the key driver of an efficient and effective RES-E deployment. Therefore, the paper depicts the main types of different promotion schemes and their properties. Additionally, several cases studies of different European Member States show an in-depth analysis of the different RES-E promotion schemes. In this context, special emphasises are put on the question of effective and efficient promotion scheme designs of different RES-E technologies. Generally, conducted research led to the conclusion, that technology specific financial support measures of RES-E performed much more effective and efficient than others did. Hence, it is not all about the common question of feed-in tariffs vs. quota systems based on tradable green certificates, but more about the design criteria of implemented RES-E support schemes.