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Trust in cross-company innovation teams

Presentation held at Information Imagination & Intelligence in R&D Management; The R&D management conference 2010; 30 June to 2 July 2010, Manchester
: Wohlfart, L.; Sturm, F.; Mengel, S.

2010, 7 S.
R&D Management Conference <2010, Manchester>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

Trust is very much related to personal experiences and, as a consequence, time. People usually have a high level of trust in long-time friends, processes they are familiar with, products of well-known brands. Trust, however, also is a key requirement in situations marked by risk, such as crosscompany innovation projects. If the success of a one's efforts is subject to various uncertainties, as it always is innovation projects, trust in the people involved and the technologies applied is important to efficiently proceed. The establishment of trust in cross-company teams concerned with innovative solutions is therefore indispensable. The ease of this process strongly depends on the specific team constellation and the current phase the project is in. This paper looks at typical project dimensions for identifying where specific support by trust would be needed.