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MT4j - an open source platform for multi-touch software development

: Laufs, U.; Ruff, C.; Weisbecker, A.

VIMation Journal (2010), Nr.1, S.58-64
ISSN: 1866-4245
Fraunhofer IAO ()

Multi-touch has been one of the hot topics within the areas of human computer interaction and computer science for the last few years. Although there is a lot of activity in this area, the development of multi-touch applications still suffers from barriers and missing support on the software side. This article describes current challenges in multi-touch software engineering and the open source platform Multi-Touch for Java (MT4j). MT4j is designed for rapid development of graphically rich applications on a variety of common PC hardware and operating systems. The platform has a special focus on reducing existing barriers with regard to multitouch software development and on making multi-touch software development easier and more efficient. Detailed information about the MT4j platform can be found at