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Thermoelectric properties of boron carbide with Si doping

: Feng, B.; Martin, H.-P.; Michaelis, A.

Jänsch, D.:
Thermoelectrics Goes Automotive : Thermoelektrik, II
Renningen: expert-Verl., 2010 (Reihe Technik)
ISBN: 978-3-8169-3064-8
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B4C and B4C-Si composites with 5 and 10 wt% Si were fabricated via hot pressing. The microstructure and thermoelectric properties of the samples were investigated. The electrical conductivity increased with increasing Si content, the Seebeck coefficient reached > 260 µ V/K and the thermal conductivity was reduced due to enhanced phonon scattering at the increased boundaries of the grains. The greatest ZT value was achieved for the 10 wt% Si sample at 700 °C with ZT = 0.03