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Diskretes Widerstandsbauelement und Leistungsmodul mit einem diskreten Widerstandsbauelement

Discrete resistor component for use in power module, has plate formed of resistive volume material, where two contact areas are respectively provided on sides of plate and resistive volume material differs from materials of respective areas
: März, M.; Schletz, A.; Roth, A.

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DE 102009010214 A: 20090223
DE 102009010214 A: 20090223
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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(A1) Ein diskretes Widerstandsbauelement umfasst eine Platte aus einem resistiven Volumenmaterial, wobei die Platte eine Hoehe hat, die geringer als eine Dimension der Grundflaeche der Platte ist, aus einer ersten Kontaktflaeche auf der Oberseite der Platte und aus einer zweiten Kontaktflaeche auf einer Unterseite der Platte, wobei sich das resistive Volumenmaterial von einem Material der ersten Kontaktflaeche und einem Material der zweiten Kontaktflaeche unterscheidet. Ein Leistungsmodul umfasst ein Leitungsbauelement mit einem Steueranschluss und das diskrete Widerstandsbauelement, wobei die erste Kontaktflaeche des diskreten Widerstandsbauelements mit dem Steueranschluss des Leistungsbauelements verbunden ist.


DE 102009010214 A1 UPAB: 20100925 NOVELTY - The component (21) has a plate formed of resistive volume material (25), where the plate exhibits height (h) that is smaller than dimensions (l, b) of a surface area of the plate. Two electrical contact areas (26, 27) are respectively provided on upper and lower sides of the plate, respectively, where the resistive volume material differs from materials of the respective contact areas. The material of the one of the contact areas is used for bonding, and the material of the other contact area is used for soldering, sintering and conductive gluing. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - The resistive volume material is selected from a group consisting of doped single-crystalline semiconductor material, doped polycrystalline semiconductor material, doped amorphous semiconductor material, doped silicon, doped silicon carbide, graphite, a matrix composite material, aluminum silicon carbide, aluminum graphite and electrically conductive resistor paste. INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for the following: (1) a power module including a power element with a control port (2) method for manufacturing a discrete resistor component (3) method for manufacturing a power module. USE - Discrete resistor component for use in a power module (claimed). Can also be used in a bridge circuit e.g. H-bridge circuit for motor control, high-side or low-side switches of power electronics, power factor correction (PFC) circuit and a circuit for switching a power supply unit and a general transistor switch. ADVANTAGE - The component offers sufficient flexibility to a user as the component is discrete. The component can be easily redesigned, without the need to create an additional place for introduction of new conductive strips on a line carrier. The design configuration of the component saves costs of a new circuit, thus reducing manufacturing costs of the component. The component can be easily assembled.