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Time-based parameter identification and controller design for motion control systems

: Neugebauer, Reimund; Hofmann, S.; Hellmich, A.; Schlegel, H.

Scharff, P. ; TU Ilmenau, Fakultät für Informatik und Automatisierung:
Crossing borders within the ABC. Automation, biomedical engineering and computer science. CD-ROM : Proceedings ; 55. IWK Internationales Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium ; 13 - 17 September 2010
Ilmenau: Verlag ISLE, 2010
ISBN: 978-3-938843-53-6
Internationales Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium (IWK) <55, 2010, Ilmenau>
Fraunhofer IWU ()
identification; parametric model; controller design; motion control

Today, a cascaded system of position loop, velocity loop and current loop is standard in industrial motion controllers. Each controller has to be designed according to its subordinated system behavior. Usually, the controller commissioning is realized in the frequency domain with the open-loop frequency response. In contrast to that, several tuning rules in the time domain are applicable, which require a model of the plant. The paper presents a method for the identification of plant parameters in the time domain. The approach is based on the auto relay feedback experiment by Åström/ Hägglund and a modified technique of gradual pole compensation. In addition to a theoretical description, the paper presents the implementation as an automatic application in the motion control system SIMOTION. Finally, the velocity controller is adjusted with various tuning rules. Furthermore, the identification results as well as the achievable controller performance on a test rig will be presented.