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Characterization of the diffusium process in Al2O3 thin films based on ToF-SIMS measurements

: Michalowski, Pawel Piotr; Czernohorsky, Malte; Beyer, Volkhard; Jaschke, Gert; Teichert, Steffen

Verhandlungen der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft 44 (2009), Nr.5, Paper DS 1.6
ISSN: 0420-0195
ISSN: 0372-5448
Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (Frühjahrstagung) <2009, Dresden>
Fraunhofer CNT ()

In next generation charge trapping non-volatile memory devices the
blocking oxide material (currently SiO2) has to be replaced by a highk
dielectric thin film. The appropriate selection of a suitable material
from a large variety of potential candidates requires precise analytical
characterization techniques. This work focuses on Secondary
Ion Mass Spectroscopy (SIMS) of Al2O3 thin films which were fabricated
by atomic layer deposition on Si(001) wafers. These samples
were treated by rapid thermal annealing in wide range of temperatures
(750?1100\'0eC) and gas ambiences (N2, O2, H2). SIMS depth profiles
indicate that Si diffuses from the substrate through the alumina during
annealing which leads to a segregation of Si on the Al2O3 layer surface.
Grain boundary diffusion was identified to have the most significant
impact in the diffusion process. Furthermore the activation energy of
the diffusion was found to be 0.6 eV/atom and 2.3 eV/atom for amorphous
and crystalline samples, respectively. The influence of different
Al2O3 sublayers (e.g. SiO2, Si3N4) and annealing conditions on the
diffusion process will be discussed.