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Trends in eID security public sector view

: Eckert, C.; Herfert, M.; Waldmann, U.

Fumy, W.:
Handbook of eID security : Concepts, practical experiences, technologies
Erlangen: Publicis Publishing, 2011
ISBN: 978-3-89578-379-1
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Fraunhofer SIT ()
eID; German eID Card; smart card; privacy; authentication; restricted identification; identification

The article shows the need for strong as well as easy to use eID mechanisms in the public sector. In this sector, eID tokens or other identification means have to be rolled out to millions of citizens, who are often not familiar with modern security technologies like cryptography. First, well-established and wellknown identification mechanisms are discussed to provide an overview over their individual strength and weaknesses. This overview motivates the usage of specific identification mechanisms that are now being integrated in eID tokens and services within the German government public sector. We therefore discuss some new developments like card verfiable certificates, signed self-contained attributes and the eID function of the new German eID card. Finally, an outlook is given on further trends like convergence of eID card services, focus on data economy, use of restricted identifiers, data protection functions and privacy policies.