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Managing new technologies for resource efficient innovations

Results from current studies
: Spath, D.; Pastewski, N.; Lang-Koetz, C.

Kocaoglu, D.F. ; Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology -PICMET-:
PICMET 2010, Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology. Proceedings. CD-ROM : Technology, Management for Global Economic Growth; Phuket, Thailand, July 18-22, 2010
Portland/Or.: Portland State University, 2010
ISBN: 1-890843-22-9
Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET) <2010, Phuket/Thailand>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

To continue to enjoy prosperity while not exceeding environmental, social and economic limits, it is becoming necessary to pursue simultaneously business growth and reduced environmental degradation by substantially increasing the efficiency of natural resource usage. Many incremental approaches to optimising resource efficiency are available. Businesses also need to consider potentially disruptive major 'step' changes offered by emerging technologies that create new options for resource efficient solutions. Technology Management addresses the need to analyse the specific resource efficiency potential of a technology, relevant technological trends and opportunities for creativity when searching for new product ideas. It can help design resource efficient industry that have lower costs, increased security of raw material supply and reduced environmental impact. Hence Technology Management can be the basis for resource efficient innovations that improve productivity and open up new markets. In the following article the authors present an overview of new resource efficient technologies from a macroeconomic perspective and subsequently explore specific applications and implementation options applying nanotechnologies. Furthermore the article outlines a method for identifying and evaluating resource efficient technologies in businesses by applying Technology Management approaches. Finally the process of resource efficient technology development is defined through a solar cell technology case study.