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Investigation of trap-assisted tunneling current in InAs/(GaIn)Sb superlattice long-wavelength photodiodes

Untersuchung des Störstellen unterstützenden Tunnelstromes an InAs/(GaIn)Sb-Übergittern für langwellige Photodioden
: Yang, Q.K.; Fuchs, F.; Schmitz, J.; Pletschen, W.


Applied Physics Letters 81 (2002), Nr.25, S.4757-4759
ISSN: 0003-6951
ISSN: 1077-3118
Fraunhofer IAF ()
InAs/(GaIn)Sb superlattice; InAs/(GaIn)Sb Übergitter; infrared photodiode; Infrarotphotodiode; tunneling current; Tunnelstrom; I-V characteristics; electroluminescence spectra

Trap centers with an energy level positioned 1/3 of the band gap below the effective conduction band edge are observed in the electroluminescence spectra of InAs/(Galn)Sb superlattice photodiodes with a cutoff wavelength of 11 µm. The trap centers are recognized by simulating the low-temperature current-voltage characteristics of the diodes. Excellent quantitative agreement on both, the l- V characteristic and the differential resistance between the experimental data and the theoretical prediction is achieved. The quantitative simulation of the I- V characteristics shows, that the 77 K performance of InAs/(Galn)Sb photodiodes is dominated by generation-recombination processes even at long wavelengths. Above 50 K, tunneling currents are not of importance.