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E-Industrial services: Web-based simulation and logistic analyser

: Sihn, W.; Graupner, T.-D.

Da Rocha Brito, C. ; School of Engineering and Technology -SENAC-:
Intertech 2002. Programme : International Conference on Engineering and Technology Education, March 17-20, 2002, Santos, Brasil
Santos, Brasil, 2002
Annual International Conference on Engineering and Technology Education (AICEI) <7, 2002, Santos, Brazil>
INTERTECH <2002, Santos, Brazil>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
e-Industrial Service; E-business; internet; logistic; simulation; Logistik

Information technology and communication media allow new kinds of industrial services that can be inexpensively provided by means of automation even in a high-salary country such as Germany. Here the Internet can be used to reduce costs of standardized problem situations on one hand, and to increase the usability on the other. By means of two practical examples, production simulation and logistics analysis, the enormous potential of Internet based simulation services is revealed. Furthermore, the illustration of these services reveals the topics that will need to be addressed in future with respect to the conception of complex Internet based services.