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Damage modelling for simulation of process chain from forming to crash

: Andrieux, F.; Sun, D.-Z.


International journal of materials research 101 (2010), Nr.8, S.963-971
ISSN: 1862-5282
Fraunhofer IWM ()

The objective of this work is the characterisation and modelling of the influence of triaxiality and deformation history on the damage behaviour of components manufactured by deep drawing. An evaluation chain including material characterisation, numerical simulation and verification was conducted. The influence of triaxiality and pre-deformation on damage behaviour of a TRIP steel was characterised with different specimen tests, such as shear, uniaxial and biaxial tension. Phenomenological and micromechanical damage models taking into account shear fracture and fracture induced by void nucleation, growth and coalescence (dimple rupture) were developed. Both damage models describe the influence of triaxiality on damage development under a broad range of loading conditions. Validation tests on an automobile component under a loading close to reality were performed and successfully simulated with pre-strains and pre-damage mapped from a forming model to the crash model.