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Suppression of the development of pores during laser-induced surface dispersion of TiC into aluminium, by means of a static magnetic field

: Velde, O.; Techel, A.; Grundmann, R.


Surface and coatings technology 150 (2002), Nr.2-3, S.170-178
ISSN: 0257-8972
Fraunhofer IWS ()

A static magnetic field having the strength of B=0.6 T has been used as an additional process parameter in order to suppress the establishment of pores while dispersing TiC particles in surface layers of aluminium alloys using a laser. The migration of hydrogen towards regions of high temperatures within the melting pool can lead to the creation of gas bubbles, therefore yielding pores after resolidification in the processed layer. This mechanism (known for instance in welding technologies of aluminium) could be suppressed by Lorentz-forces induced by an externally applied magnetic field. It could be shown experimentally that magnetic fields could assist laser surface treatment processes beneficially if higher beam powers were coupled in. This may be interesting if, for instance, thicker dispersed layers should be achieved.