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The development of information theory and semiconductor technology and the practical effects on telecommunication technology

: Ohnsorge, H.

AGEN-Mitteilungen (1977), Nr.25, S.7-21
ISSN: 1016-1554
ISSN: 0378-1291
Conference "The Revolution in Communications Engineering since the Discovery of Information Theory and the Invention of the Transistor" <1977, Bern>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
data compression; encoding; error correction; information theory; large scale integration; semiconductor technology; telecommunication technology; source coding; channel coding; redundant coding

Describes the interrelations between information theory and semiconductor technology in the different phases of their development with a special emphasis on their applications in telecommunication technology. The elements of information theory are outlined as well as its special subjects, i.e. source coding (data reduction) and channel coding (redundant coding for the error correction). The development of semiconductor technology is surveyed with particular emphasis on the LSI- and VLSI-technology.