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Modulation behaviour in the Gbit/s range of several GaAlAs lasers

: Baack, C.; Elze, G.; Enning, B.; Walf, G.

Frequenz 32 (1978), Nr.12, S.346-50
ISSN: 0016-1136
ISSN: 2191-6349
Fraunhofer HHI ()
modulation; semiconductor junction lasers; gaalas lasers; optical transmission; modulation performances; singlemode dynamic spectrum

For an optical transmission experiment, several GaAlAs DH-lasers from manufacturers in Japan, USA and Germany were tested with respect to their modulation performances in the Gbit/s range. It was found that most of the studied lasers could be modulated in the Gbit/s range with neglectable pattern effect. Furthermore some lasers showed a singlemode dynamic spectrum when modulated at 1.12 Gbit/s with a light pulse power output of several milliwatts. The experiment and results are discussed in this paper.