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A distributed object repository for cultural heritage

: Pan, Xueming; Beckmann, Philipp; Havemann, Sven; Tzompanaki, Katerina; Doerr, Martin; Fellner, Dieter W.


Artusi, A. ; European Association for Computer Graphics -EUROGRAPHICS-:
VAST 2010, 11th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage : Ecole du Louvre, Paris, France, 21-24th September 2010
Aire-la-Ville: Eurographics Association, 2010
ISBN: 978-3-905674-29-3
ISSN: 1811-864X
International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (VAST) <11, 2010, Paris>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
data model; repository; Digital Library; cultural heritage; Forschungsgruppe Semantic Models, Immersive Systems (SMIS)

This paper describes the design and the implementation of a distributed object repository that offers cultural heritage experts and practitioners a working platform to access, use, share and modify digital content. The principle of collecting paradata to document each step in a potentially long sequence of processing steps implies a number of design decisions for the data repository, which are described and explained. Furthermore, we provide a description of the concise API our implementation. Our intention is to provide an easy-to-understand recipe that may be valuable also for other data repository implementations that incorporate and operationalize the more theoretical concepts of intellectual transparency, collecting paradata, and compatibility to semantic networks.