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Alternating current distribution in solid turnings

: Hannakam, L.; Mrozynski, G.


Electrical engineering 62 (1980), Nr.3, S.125-30
ISSN: 0003-9039
ISSN: 0948-7921
Fraunhofer HHI ()
current distribution; magnetic fields; skin effect; magnetic field; matrix notation; conformal mapping; sharp edged turn; skin effect boundary value problem; ac distribution

The turn under consideration consists of two parallel bars each connected at right angles by a coupling bar of different conductivity. The skin-effect boundary value problem in question is solved by setting up expressions for the magnetic field and satisfying the boundary conditions on the junction. This leads to a system of linear equations for the setup-coefficients that is solved numerically. Using matrix notation, general expressions for the stream function are given, checked and evaluated. The AC-results are discussed by comparison with the DC-solution found by conformal mapping. It is found for cases of practical interest that in the intermediate neighbourhood of a sharp edged turn no reasonable difference exists between the AC- and DC-distributions.