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The factory of emotions - simulating production and logistics in virtual worlds

: Seitz, Stefan; Hermann, Marco

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro:
International Workshop on Applied Modelling and Simulation 2010 : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 5-7, 2010
Rio de Janeiro: COPPE, 2010
ISBN: 978-85-285-0135-3
International Workshop on Applied modelling and Simulation (WAMS) <1, 2010, Rio de Janeiro>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
3D-simulation; factory second life; second life; Virtual Company; virtual reality; virtual world; Virtuelle Fertigung; Virtuelle Produktion; Simulation; Fertigung; Industrieanlage; Produktentwicklung

The benefits offered by production simulation in optimizing processes are significant. Unfortunately, it also involves a significant amount of knowledge and costs. This article explores a new approach to production simulation trying to find a way to lessen the barriers that prevent especially SMEs from using simulation. Open technology from the gaming industry helped to create a new type of production simulation, integrating the experience of a large user group interacting in the same model.
Based on these technologies, such as 3D internet platforms, it is possible to address very demanding requirements.
To get familiar with the characteristics of this technology, Fraunhofer IPA has created a production scenario based on the virtual world "Second Life" with two main goals: Firstly, to give the general public an understanding of production as an innovative work environment and , secondly, to create the general foundation for the simulation of production and logistic issues.