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Possibilities of graphics on color displays

: Schieferdecker, P.

Cantraine, G.:
New systems and services in telecommunications. Proceedings
Amsterdam, 1981
ISBN: 0-444-86206-4
International Conference on New Systems and Services in Telecommunications <1, 1980, Liege>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
cathode-ray tube displays; colour television picture tubes; computer graphics; information retrieval systems; interactive terminals; video signals; colour displays; interactive broadband communication system; central computer; graphics displays

The Heinrich-Hertz-Institute in 1975 received the assignment to develop an experimental interactive broadband communication system for 10000 subscribers, called VBD (Vielteilnehmer-Breitband-Dialog system). Apart from more TV and radio programs, the subscriber has the opportunity to obtain interactively random-access information from a central computer. This information might be film and soundtracks (distributed by an individual broadband-channel) or, by a narrowband-channel, data for text or graphics displays. These data are used for the generation of the video-signal in the user terminal.