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Line concentrators for an experimental digital wideband network with decentralized switching

: Burmeister, M.; Hoen, B.; Kliem, H.; Teich, G.; Weber, J.

International Switching Symposium, ISS '81. Vol.4 : Montreal, Que., Canada, 21-25 Sept 1981
Verdun, Quebec, 1981
International Switching Symposium (ISS) <1981, Montreal>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
digital communication systems; line concentrators; experimental digital wideband network; decentralized switching; tdm signals; clock rates; routing; switching; digital exchanges; synchronization

The structure and the operation of three line concentrators which are essential parts of an experimental digital wideband network with decentralized switching are described. The bit rate of the incoming and outgoing TDM signals of the line concentrators is 278.528 Mc/s. The clock rates for routing and switching the TDM signals in the line concentrators are approx. 70 Mc/s and 8 Mc/s; these clock rates exceed the corresponding clock rates of digital exchanges hitherto known. The line concentrators are for studying the problems of synchronization, switching and monitoring of digital wideband networks with narrowband and wideband dialogue and distribution services.