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Monitoring aids in an experimental broadband communication system

: Burmeister, M.; Donner, H.; Kliem, H.; Kreutzer, H.W.; Schmidt, F.

Lauger, E.:
Reliability in electrical and electronic components and systems : 5th European Conference on Electrotechnics - EUROCON '82, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 14-18, 1982
Amsterdam: North-Holland, 1982
ISBN: 0-444-86419-9
European Conference on Electrotechnics <5, 1982, Kopenhagen>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
cable television; digital communication systems; fault location; optical fibres; reliability; operation monitoring; heinrich-hertz-institut; integrated services digital network; monitoring aids; ISDN; experimental broadband communication system; digital network; decentralized switching; test components; experimental system; hhi; service integrated; optical optical transmission; data rate of 560 mbit/s; central unit; distributed components; disconnection of faulty equipment; operation with reduced service

A digital network with decentralized switching needs test components to monitor its operation and to localize faults. The experimental system set up by the HHI-a broadband communication service integrated system with optical optical transmission and a maximum data rate of 560 Mbit/s-is presented. Its test outfit has in addition to a central unit distributed components and allows the disconnection of faulty equipment. The rest of the system remains in operation with reduced service. The system consists of a digital and an analogue part which are compatibly connected and which both enable a subscriber use the telephone, data, videophone with colour TV-quality, colour TV and stereo-broadcast service at the same time.