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DPCM coding of the chrominance signals for the transmission of colour TV signals at 34 Mbits/s

: Schäfer, R.

Signal processing 6 (1984), Nr.3, S.187-199
ISSN: 0165-1684
Fraunhofer HHI ()
colour television; pulse-code modulation; video signals; dpcm coding; chrominance; colour tv signals; broadband; data rate; luminance adaptive quantization; masking effects; variable word length; temporal subsampling

Several DPCM Coding schemes for the chrominance components were investigated with regard to their suitability to the transmission of broadband TV signals at 34 Mbits/s. While luminance adaptive prediction is not a very effective means of reducing the data rate it could be shown that luminance adaptive quantization is beneficial due to the presence of certain masking effects. This is only true, however, in connection with variable word length coding. In the case of fixed word length coding adaptive quantization is not efficient enough to decrease the data rate considerably. It could be demonstrated that temporal subsampling of the chrominance signals, although producing minor degradations, gives the best results because this technique allows one to increase the data rate in the luminance channel thus improving the overall quality.