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Vertical System Integration Technology for High Speed Applications by Using Inter-Chip Vias and Solid-Liquid Interdiffusion Bonding

: Klumpp, A.; Merkel, R.; Weber, J.; Wieland, R.; Elst, G.; Ramm, P.

Michel, B.; Aschenbrenner, R.:
The world of electronic packaging and system integration : Anniversary edition 60th birthday of Herbert Reichl
Dresden: ddp Goldenbogen, 2004
ISBN: 3-932434-76-5
ISBN: 978-3-932434-76-1
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A new approach for 3D system integration, called Inter Chip Via - Solid Liquid Interdiffusion (ICV-SLID) is introduced. This is a new chip-to-wafer stacking technology which combines the advantages of the Inter Chip Via (ICV) process and the solid-liquid-interdiffusion technique (SLID) of copper and tin. The fully modular ICV-SLID concept allows the formation of multiple device stacks. The proposed wafer-level 3D integration concept has the potential for low cost fabrication of multi-layer high-performance 3D-SoCs and is well suited as a replacement for embedded technologies based on monolithic integration.