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Novel simple method for determination of refractive index of optical monomode slab waveguides

: Bornholdt, C.; Krauser, J.; Nolting, H.-P.

Electronics Letters 21 (1985), Nr.16, S.706-8
ISSN: 0013-5194
Fraunhofer HHI ()
optical waveguides; refractive index measurement; refractive index determination; simple method; optical monomode slab waveguides; nondestructive interference method; cladding layers; thin films of iii-v compounds; binary substrates; GaInAsP/inp; integrated optical devices; transparent wavelength region; experimental results; theoretical calculations

A novel simple nondestructive interference method is proposed for measuring the refractive index of optical monomode slab waveguides and cladding layers of sufficient thickness. This method has been used to investigate thin films of III-V compounds on binary substrates, especially GaInAsP/InP, with respect to application for integrated optical devices in the transparent wavelength region. The experimental results are compared with theoretical calculations.