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On the relation between atmospheric gravity waves and upper-tropospheric jet streams

: Neisser, J.

Zeitschrift für Meteorologie 35 (1985), Nr.5, S.257-266
ISSN: 0084-5361
Fraunhofer HHI ()
atmospheric movements; troposphere; wind; upper troposphere; jet stream; east germany; ad 1982; ad 1983; internal wave; atmospheric gravity waves; juliusruh; rugen; baltic sea; occurrence; vectors; phase velocity; dynamically unstable wind-shear layers

Records from a microbarograph array at the observatory of Juliusruh (on the isle of Rugen, Baltic Sea) for the period August 1982 through January 1983 are analyzed for interval gravity wave events. The analysis of the cross-correlations, spectral density, phase spectra and coherence spectra provide the determination of frequencies of the occurrence of waves and of the vectors of the phase velocity as a function of the wave period, using a routine algorithm. Special meteorological analyses (upper-air topographies, vertical cross sections, weather maps) and rawinsonde soundings from the station of Greifswald (distance to Juliusruh 60 km) are examined for corresponding time intervals to determine the existence of high-tropospheric jet streams and the existence of dynamically unstable wind-shear layers.