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A disturbance in the outer geomagnetic variation field in connection with atmospheric atomic explosions in middle latitudes

: Grafe, A.

Planetary and Space Science 34 (1986), Nr.4, S.395-7
ISSN: 0032-0633
Fraunhofer HHI ()
atmospheric electricity; atmospheric movements; d-region; geomagnetic variations; plasma; ionosphere; atmospheric movement; electricity; disturbance; geomagnetic variation; middle latitudes; atmospheric atomic explosion; energetic electron precipitation; absorption enhancement; equivalent current system; magnetic field; dm variation

It is known that as a consequence of atmospheric atomic explosion, an enhancement of the D layer absorption by energetic electron precipitation occurs (Lauter et al. 1977). It is shown that simultaneously with the absorption enhancement, there is observed a disturbance of the geomagnetic variation field. The equivalent current system appertaining to this magnetic field disturbance is derived. This new component of the geomagnetic variation field is designated as the DM variation.